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Welcome to Riverside Beef

At Riverside Beef we specialise in producing the finest Quality British Beef in harmony with nature.

Our beef cattle spend their summers grazing the riverside pastures and water meadows of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Many of these areas are designated nature reserves.

After careful selection and preparation, the result is the highest quality, beautifully tasting British Beef.

 Welcome to Rollins Farm

 Rollins Farm  is a family run business located on the  outskirts of Somersham in Cambridgeshire and has grown alongside our  agricultural enterprise. Our farm is based round a pig herd, one of the  few remaining in the area.


The Brown family  has been based at Rollins Farm in Somersham, Cambridgeshire, for nearly 25 years. The three  generations of Browns all help in the smooth running of the family business.

Our main farming  enterprise is the herd of breeding sows.   The sows are a mixture of the traditional Large White along with the  rare Welsh breed giving you the ultimate taste experience.  The welfare of the animals is one of our key  priorities making sure the pigs are reared well above the standards of the  British assurance scheme.

Free Range & Organic Free

For the last nine years the firm has worked closely with
Belinda Nash of Woodbridge in a joint venture to produce the “Sutton Hoo” Free
Range chicken and more recently, the “Sutton Hoo” Organic Free Range chicken,
for those consumers looking for an alternative to the more intensively reared
bird. The difference between the Free Range and the Organic Free Range is
principally the birds’ diet. “Sutton Hoo” Organic Free Range chickens eat
organically grown food and live on organically registered grassland. (Organic
Certification is with the Organic Food Federation).The birds, derived from a
traditional breed of chicken, live in small groups in naturally lit and
ventilated mobile houses. They range freely over acres of pasture adjacent to
the Anglo-Saxon burial site of Sutton Hoo, hence the name. Their diet, mainly
wheat, does not contain antibiotics, growth promoters or drugs of any kind.
These birds taste like chicken! Their lifestyle, diet and a naturally slower
growing, old fashioned bird, combine to give the meat a wonderful texture and
delicious full flavour.

St.George's - High Welfare
The St
George's brand is dedicated to chicken produced to high welfare standards. The
St. George's brand is for consumers with the interest of animal welfare at heart
and a preference for antibiotic free produce.


The birds are reared in smaller flock sizes by individual farmers who are
passionate about the welfare of their animals. The birds not only have far more
space available to them than other more intensively reared birds but also enjoy
enriched conditions such as perching on straw bales and natural periods of


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